Learn the Benefits of a Solar Energy System for Your Business

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Your company can reap a tremendous variety of benefits with a solar energy system. Enhanced cash flow, meeting your environmental goals, and creating new opportunities for sustainability-oriented marketing and public image are just a few ways that constructing a solar energy system can help you.


Financial Benefits of a Solar Energy System

  1. CrossFit-NE-DC-300x200Generating your own electricity will reduce your utility cost
  2. 26% Federal tax credit for the entire solar energy project will reduce your tax liability to the U.S. government
  3. Modeling company sustainability goals as well as cost-effective power generation, resulting in low overhead and added value to customers
  4. Some jurisdictions have Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs). Depending on where your solar energy is located, these SRECS can be worth 3 times more than your electricity price.

Local incentives

 Localities and states differ on solar energy incentives:fairfax times olqp (2)

  • Virginia 
  • Washington D.C
    • Solar Renewable Energy Credits market
    • Net energy metering
  • Maryland
    • Solar rebate
    • Net energy metering
    • Solar Renewable Energy Credits market

Like businesses, non profits can be great candidates for going solar, and for many of the same reasons - long term investment sense, channeling more funds into core missions, and planning for future rocky economic conditions by conserving monthly expenses now.




Whether you're at the executive level, in a manager role, or just interested in moving your workplace toward using economic, smart solar energy, you already have a busy schedule. We want to offer all the help you need getting started with a solar project for business. Contact us now or begin by reviewing the resources below. 


Tax Credits

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Commercial Solar Energy FAQs

What kinds of buildings can go solar?

Solar panels can be installed on nearly every roof surface ranging from EPC, EPCM, PVC roofs that are flat, or tilted asphalt shingle roofs, metal roofs, flat bitumen roofs etc. The use of the building is not important, except inasmuch as there is energy usage onsite to offset with solar energy, thus delivering savings over grid energy. Ipsun Solar can install on the following kinds of commercial buildings to name a few:

  • Warehouses
  • Data centers
  • Office spaces
  • Government facilities
  • Education facilities (schools and colleges)
  • Breweries, wineries, and distilleries
  • Golf and tennis clubhouses
  • Community buildings
  • Greenhouses and plant nurseries
  • Farms
  • Horse riding stables
  • Gyms and fitness clubs
  • Clinics, hospitals and veterinary offices
  • Self storage facilities
  • Shopping centers, malls, and storefronts
  • Apartment complexes

Funding Models Overview

  1. Own a solar energy system. Many financing options are available. Talk to your solar consultant about our solar-specific loans in partnership with Clean Energy Credit Union
  2. Lease a solar energy system (not available in all states)
  3. PPA – Power Purchase Agreement with a third-party solar energy system owner. This option allows you to go solar at no cost, providing immediate savings on your utility bill.
  4. Commercial Property-Assessed Clean Energy (CPACE) financing program to go solar - in Virginia, this is available in Loudoun, Fairfax, and Arlington counties

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